Paywelder of the next generation

The Weldcrawler is the most compact and eco friendly 2x400A paywelder in the world. The Weldcrawler welding tractor has been designed and manufactured by people with experience in pipeline welding. We know the circumstances in the field, we know what pipeline stick welding is all about, we know the complexities of automatic pipeline welding, we know the maintenance and transportation costs and we know what kind of options you may desire. Of course we don't know if you are interested in the paywelder of the next generation. If you are, just let us know!


Automatic welding

The WELDCRAWLER has two digital controllers. Both controllers of 400A communicate with full automatic pipeline welding machines. Settings can be changed or programmed very easily.

WELDCRAWLER is optionally available with a 65-125 kVA generator power source. This special version is built for customers who prefer working with two or four electric welding inverters for automatic welding. In this version the 2x400A digital controllers are not included. Of course the unique main features of the WELDCRAWLER such as the single diesel engine and remote controlled driving and moving of the boom stay intact.

Other options for automatic welding include an air-compressor and boxes for electric welding inverters.